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If you don't know the exact bolt size you need, you should measure the bolt you want to replace.

There are a couple of different bolt types used in bicycles. Click HERE for an overview.

You can also check out the list of what bolts sizes & types are commonly used on specific bicycle parts.

Click HERE to find out all about measuring your bolts.

Besides standard length bolts manufacturers also use custom length bolts. If a slightly larger bolt won't fit, you must cut your bolt to your preferred length.

For aluminum this is easy. Aluminium is softer than steel. A saw that can cut through steel or comparable metals (such as a common hacksaw) will have no problems cutting through aluminum.

Titanium is fairly hard and therefore a little more difficult to cut. A good hacksaw will cut your bolt, but it will blunt the saw blade quickly. A (bench)grinder or a rotary tool are good options for cutting titanium, but you should be careful not to damage the bolt threads.

Anodizing is an electrochemical process that coats the surface of metals to make them more durable and corrosion resistant. This process can also be used to give the metal a specific color.


Generally speaking grade 5 titanium is at least as strong as steel. 7075 Aluminum is about half the strength of steel.

More about aluminium and titanium...

Roughly speaking Titanium is about half the weight of steel. Aluminum is 1/3 the weight of steel.

More about aluminium and titanium...

In short: Weight, strength, corrosion resistance and looks. 

More details: 'Why use titanium?'  and 'Why use aluminum?'

Frequently Asked Questions about Shipping, Returns & Warranty

We are located in the Netherlands close to the city of Nijmegen. Our address can be found HERE.

Normally we only ship our items, but if you really want to, you can contact us and make an appointment to pick up your order.

All information regarding to shipping times can be found HERE.

In short: Yes airmail is a pretty safe shipping option. If for some reason a shipment gets lost, you will most likely get a refund from us or your payment provider. 

Please read our Policy regarding regular (air)mail and lost orders for the details.

Yes. Read our policy about returning items HERE.

Read all about our warranty policy HERE.

Only if you choose 'registered (air)mail' as your shipping method and your country or postal services support mail tracking.

Currently we can offer refunds via Paypal, a bank-transfer (only to SEPA countries) and Bitcoin.